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Analyst1 for Financial Services

Analyst1 for Financial Services

Since the beginning of economic globalization in 1870, the financial services industry has become a fixture in the daily lives of people around the world. It is the staple of global economies and allows citizens to manage money, trade, and operate financial freedom in a myriad of ways. But with these liberties, come those trying to exploit weaknesses for their own financial gain. Enter cybercrime in the modern era.

What is the problem?

With many types of advanced persistent threats facing analysts hourly, cybercriminals are wreaking havoc across the globe. Cyber intrusions are sometimes difficult for financial organizations to spot and not only cause financial losses — but can also be incredibly damaging to brand reputation.

Results with Analyst1

Analyst1 is a powerful solution for training threat teams on the critical skills needed to identify malicious activity. By determining the severity of threats to an organization, analysts can better defend against sophisticated attacks.