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Intelligence Analysts For Cyber Defense 

  • Advancing cybersecurity solutions to help reduce the burden on analysts
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Who We Are

Founded By Cybersecurity Analysts, For Cybersecurity Analysts

Our cybersecurity experts are dedicated to helping organizations protect their data through a proactive defense strategy.


Provide cybersecurity analysts and teams with the resources and expertise to effectively identify, respond, and capture threat actions.


From basic security to a comprehensive defense solution, we help organizations reimagine cyber threat intelligence protection.


We make cyber intelligence approachable and actionable for teams to determine which data should be analyzed and which actions to take. 

What We Do

Advancing Cybersecurity Solutions

to help reduce the burden on analysts

At Analyst1, we provide organizations across industries with access to the most advanced platform to combat cyber threats and protect sensitive data.

Get to Know Us

Our Cybersecurity Experts 


Scott Messick

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jason Smith

Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer

Chad Hoffman

Chief Operating Officer

Jon DiMaggio

Chief Security Strategist
Randy Gardner - Vice President of Sales

Randy Gardner

Vice President of Sales
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