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Analyst1 + Celerium: Routing and Actioning Cyber Threat Intelligence

Analyst1 + Celerium: Routing and Actioning Cyber Threat Intelligence

Celerium and Analyst1 Announce Integration Partnership to Power Action on Structured Cyber Threat Intelligence

Celerium, a leader in innovative cyber threat sharing solutions, today announced a partnership with Analyst1 to integrate Celerium’s CTI Router solution with the Analyst1 threat intelligence platform.

Celerium has a rich 15-year history supporting cyber threat intelligence sharing and collaboration for government and critical industries, including the automotive, aviation, defense, and financial services industries.

Analyst1 offers organizations a more efficient method of gathering and enriching threat intelligence. Reduce “time to act” through automation, and shift to a proactive defensive posture. Created by cybersecurity analysts, Analyst1 provides Intelligence, SOC, Incident Response, Vulnerability analysts and CISOs the actionable insight needed to protect their enterprise.

This partnership will enable cyber analysts to be even more efficient and effective in defending against cyber threats.

Celerium’s Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Router automates the sharing of structured cyber threat intelligence (leveraging the power of STIX/TAXII). The CTI Router enables the creation, publishing, receiving, and routing of cyber threat intelligence.

With the Analyst1-Celerium partnership, Celerium’s CTI Router can act as a powerful CTI aggregation point to push CTI to the Analyst1 platform for action, providing the following value:

  • Automatically collect and correlate intelligence
  • Automatically correlate intel with network data
  • Automatically exchange information with existing security tools
  • Automatically create mitigations & assess defensive posture

Companies interested in learning more about the Analyst1 + Celerium partnership can contact [email protected]

About Analyst1

Analyst1, engineered by cyber threat analysts, offers an enterprise-scale platform that operationalizes threat intelligence and enables security teams and analysts to focus on deeper analysis and response. With Analyst1, organizations gain visibility into advanced persistent threats attempting to infiltrate their networks. For more information, please visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @useanalyst1.

About Celerium

Celerium® provides solutions to help companies fortify their cyber defense. Celerium provides cyber threat sharing solutions and Cybersecurity Compliance (CMMC) solutions for organizations of all sizes to defend and protect against cyber threats via information sharing and cyber threat intelligence tools.

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