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A Proactive Approach To Threat Intelligence: How Analyst1 Helped This ISAC Anticipate Threats

A Proactive Approach To Threat Intelligence: How Analyst1 Helped This ISAC Anticipate Threats

A trusted Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) with a mission to promote collaboration and sharing of time-sensitive, critical cybersecurity information among a wide array of stakeholder entities needed to move from a reactive organization to one that proactively communicated threat indicators to members with an advanced Threat Intelligence Platform.

The Challenge

This ISAC is charged with working across a vast array of entities with significantly varying security maturity levels to provide cybersecurity intelligence and support. Discovering, processing, and correlating the volumes of intelligence data that was available each day and then communicating it in a timely manner to its members had become unacceptably slow and inefficient. What was needed was a solution that streamlined and automated much of the process, so the organization could help its members be less reactionary and
more anticipatory when it came to addressing threats.

“We realized we were a very reactionary team and that we couldn’t have this disposition any longer if we wanted to scale and maintain our relevance and impact across membership. We had to move away from a reactive approach toward anticipatory analysis that allowed us to provide advanced indications and warnings for member defenses.”

Manager, Cyber Threat Intelligence

Choosing The Right Fit

A thorough evaluation of Threat Intelligence Platform vendors was undertaken to determine the one most capable of meeting key requirements and support needs, including:

  • The flexibility to accommodate many different teams and use cases
  • The scalability to grow with the organization and its members
  • The ability to be easily customized to their unique needs
  • Smart automation to remove much of the manual labor and make security teams more efficient
  • The ability to promote collaboration and communication among security and member organizations

In the end, Analyst1 met all the ISAC’s criteria and was selected as the vendor of choice.

Why Did They Choose Analyst1?

After a quick deployment, the ISAC was able to realize important benefits: shorter times to identify, correlate, and communicate threats while reducing complex and manual tasks. Analyst1 also enabled the ISAC to grant and manage access to Analyst1 to its members and stakeholders.

Working With Analyst1

What are the main benefits of working with Analyst1?

  1. Proactivity
    The platform makes information sharing much easier. It also processes much more information than it could manually. It also promotes greater collaboration, all of which add up to faster analyses and a more anticipatory approach to cyber defense.
  2. Customization
    The ability to customize the platform for the organization’s specific needs made it much easier to communicate with members.
  3. Collaboration
    Information gathered and stored within Analyst1 can be shared between the organization and its members, between SOC and CIRT teams, and between this organization and others who are using Analyst1. The organization can also control who has access to the platform at any time.
  4. A Single Source Of Access
    Analyst1 enabled the organization to create a platform that both includes older intelligence and acts as a repository for any new and relevant data. The platform makes correlating events much faster and easier, thus resulting in better responses to threats.

What’s Next?

Analyst1’s flexibility and extensive APIs will enable the ISAC to integrate additional cybersecurity processes that will further inform and empower its members.

“Analyst1 has met all of our needs — and more. We have niche communities that the platform helps us serve in addition to more general requirements; Analyst1 does them all. In addition to an outstanding platform, they offer extremely responsive customer service and are actively engaged in meeting our specific needs.”

Manager, Cyber Threat Intelligence

Learn more about how the Analyst1 platform can help you automate the collection and analysis of intelligence so you can detect and mitigate threats faster.

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