Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)

Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)

The threat intelligence platform that makes smarter connections automatically

The next step above threat intelligence

A threat intelligence platform (TIP) is supposed to help you make sense of the terabytes of threat intel that’s generated every day, so you can better protect your organization against current and new threats.

The problem is, traditional TIPs just gather data, leaving you to manually tag and categorize it. And with all the data that’s generated today, that can leave you with no time to actually detect then respond to incidents that matter most.

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A virtual Tier 1 analyst

Analyst1 understands you’re an analyst, not a librarian. You need a TIP that works for you, not the other way around. Our TIP solution doesn’t just collect data; it automatically cross-references and correlates intelligence for you, delivering smarter, richer, much more relevant information. It can then create and assign countermeasures and even distribute them to the right teams.

Analyst1 TIP Platform

The value of Analyst1 TIP


Automatically correlates data from multiple sources


Gives analysts and CISOs the most relevant data and insights in a centralized platform


Creates, assigns, and distributes tickets to cybersecurity teams

Provides the fastest time to react to vulnerabilities


Single platform does the work of multiple competitors’ products

Automation that works at scale

Now that Analyst1 is doing all that [work] for us upfront, we’re freed to then focus on doing real cyber threat intelligence analysis, really connecting the dots. Now we can actually paint a much better picture. … By having better analytics, we can do a much better job of reporting and assessment of what the adversary is doing.

Former US Federal Government Agency CISO


Case Study

A Step Above: Why Analyst1 Is CISA’s Threat Intelligence Platform of Choice

Learn why CISA chose Analyst1 for their threat intelligence platform and see how it significantly improved data collection and correlation while freeing up analysts to focus on their core competencies.

Experience the power and intelligence of Analyst1

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