Threat Detection and Response (TDR)

Threat Detection and Response (TDR)

Understand the intersection of threats and how they can impact your network

Making sense of all your threat intelligence through an automatic threat detection and response platform

Detecting threats is one thing, but to generate a truly effective response, you’ve got to understand those threats. With so much intelligence being generated from a myriad of sources and collected by multiple applications, it can be nearly impossible to correlate threats so you can make smart decisions.

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Coordinating your threat detection and response

The Analyst1 platform works with your current TDR workflow to speed response by automatically aggregating and correlating intelligence, prioritizing response, then sharing decisions with your security teams.

The platform serves as a centralized hub that allows you to create, enhance, task, and track signature and countermeasures rules that detect and mitigate malicious cyber activity. Rules can be created in several different formats and applied to behavior-based sensors from vendors such as Snort and Suricata and routers and switches from Juniper, Palo Alto, Cisco, and more. The platform also integrates with SIEMs and log aggregators such as Splunk, DEVO, and McAfee.

The threat intelligence data generated by Analyst1 provides much-needed context for countermeasures so other teams and future analysts can understand why a rule was created and who created it.

Analyst1 plays an integral role throughout the TDR lifecycle.

TDR lifecycle
AnaAnalyst1 plays an integral role throughout the TDR lifecycle.lyst1 TIP Platform

The value of Analyst1 TIP


Automatically correlates data from multiple sources


Reduces mean time to respond


Provides traceability of actions for easy retrieval


Shares decisions automatically — keeps your entire team on the same page


Gives analysts and CISOs the most relevant data and insights in a centralized platform


Creates, assigns, and distributes tickets to cybersecurity teams


Can be implemented in days, not months


Integrates seamlessly with other applications

Enhancing threat detection — and teamwork

Integration with our SIEM automated the CTI<>SOC relationship, ending all manual exchanges, and providing higher quality and control of indicators and network traffic discoveries.

Former US Federal Government Agency CISO


A new breed of cyber threat intelligence

Learn how Analyst1 can help you establish an evolving knowledge base of correlated cybersecurity insights about threats, attack patterns, malware families, vulnerabilities, internal assets, mission-critical systems at risk, and the defensive posture of your network over time.

Experience the power and intelligence of Analyst1

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